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Learning a skill doesn't happen over night!

If I asked you if your child learnt to walk confidently by practise for just half an hour since a week, I'm sure you would laugh and respond with a "No way, we practised every day!". There are so many hours spent day in day out when a child is first learning a new skill. Much like when a toddler is learning to walk, even just to make that first small distance without the big, blop, bam straight back down on their bum! It's such an achievement to see your child walk just those short few steps between yourself and your partner or to see them walking to you as you stand there bribing them with a yummy treat or their favourite toy cheering them on. No child would learn to walk confidently without constant, ongoing encouragement, praise and practise...

How much practise is enough? Your booked in for one lesson a week - that's great, well done! Two lessons a week - you're a rock star! Children who swim more than once a week will improve leaps and bounds compared to those who only get the opportunity to swim once a week. Intensive lessons - now these are phenomenal for fast tracking your child's progress in the pool! Learning to swim takes LOTS of practise and like every activity, children will learn at their own pace. Some children are complete naturals in the water while other may require that little bit extra. We encourage parens to come down to the pool at least twice a week to practise.

Can't financially afford to enrol in two lessons a week?

That is absolutely fine and is no excuse not to practise. For those with babies and toddlers, you are lucky enough to be able to practise in the comfort of your own home. We encourage you to come down to the pool and practise during the week and to ask your teacher for homework because we love to give it! Set a time in your calendar to teach your child to swim, just like you would set aside time to do homework - for little ones this is their homework! No only will it provide life long skills but it may also save their life! Set a goal - and stick to it!

This season I WILL bring my child down to the pool to practice between lessons and I WILL actively encourage and praise my child for their swimming acheivements. Of course there are always going to be the occasion tantrum pool side or the hour long debate with a 7 year old claiming they are already the worlds best swimmer and don't need lessons anymore. But PLEASE, please bring your child down to the pool and get them to practise.

We only swim seasonally.

Compared to other areas, our children swim nearly half the amount of time as children in other states. How many hours does it take a child to master a complex skill? Are you putting in the time to make this happen, if not, get out that pen or phone and block out time in your calendar to make it happen! Check out our term dates. Drowning is preventable. As parents, you have the ability to help promote water safety in and around our amazing Arnhem waterways. Please practise this swim season and play and active role in helping your child learn a skill for life. Travelling Tadpole Swim School "Teaching the children of the Top End"


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