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At Travelling Tadpole Swim School, all our older Learn to Swim levels are graded on a child's ability - not their age! 

We encourage students to perform to their greatest ability and once deemed competent, are able to move up to the next level. 


Ages:           4+

Duration:     30 minutes
Class size:  4 per class

Starfish is the first level without mum and dad in the water. This level is suitable for young children who are either lacking water confidence or are brave little fish graduating from the younger infant and parent class Jellyfish. 

Key Skills they will develop:​

  • Independent submersion with competent underwater skills

  • Basic glides and streamlining

  • Independent propulsion through the water

  • Independent 'pop up breath' while paddling

  • Survival skills including floating



Duration:     30 minutes
Class size:  5 per class

Children in this level are confident swimmers who are ready to learn the more complex learn to swim skills. To graduate to Seahorse, all children must demnstrate each fo the required skills in the Starfish level at a distance fo 10m. 

A large emphasis in the Seahorse level is placed on correct body position within the water and continuing to develop a strong flutter kick.

Key skills they will develop:

  • Develop basic freestyle and backstroke

  • Demonstrate dry land breaststroke (dead frog) 

  • Introduce lateral breathing and bubbles with nose 

  • Unassisted stand up dives



Duration:     30 minutes
Class size:  7 per class

At the Froglets level, swimmers can start to develop technically proficient freestyle and backstroke skills and learn to get a feel for breaststroke in the water. 

Children tend to stay in this level the longest as they are introduced to the more technical skills which they must master before progressing onto the more advance Dugongs level. 


Key skills they will develop:

  • Refine freestyle and backstroke skills

  • Develop correct breaststroke kick and glide action 

  • Develop basic breaststroke timing – arms/breath/kick/glide

  • Introduce streamline butterfly kick

  • Demonstrate basic tumble turns



Duration:     30 minutes
Class size:  8 per class

Dugongs is the last learn to swim level in which children begin to learn all four strokes. By this stage, children will have already developed the strong foundations of the three core strokes (freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke) and begin to master the basics of butterfly. 


Key skills they will develop:

  • Maintain correct freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke techniques

  • Develop basic butterfly (butterfly drills only) 

  • Demonstrate efficient breaststroke tecnhinque with correct timing

  • Develop a strong breastroke 'keyhole' start

  • Demonstrate basic starts, turns and finishes 



Duration:     1 Hour

Class type:  Land and water 


Froglets & Dugong kids may enrol in Pre-Squad as their second lesson each week. Must do a normal Froglet/Dugongs class each week as well. 

*Flippers & goggles required *

For all children who are swimming at a Froglets or Dugongs level, they are than eligible to join in either the Mini-Monsoons or Pre-Squad sessions. These lessons focus on endurance style sessions with both a land and water based component. In order to be enrolled into the advanced stroke correction classes, children must also be enrolled in their normal Froglets/Dugongs class each week as well.

Once children are deemed competent at Pre-Squad, they are than able to move up to join the Barra's Competitive Swim Club. This level is the perfect transition for those children who are wanting to advance onto competitive swimming. 


Key skills they will develop:

  • Master all four strokes including Butterfly 

  • Race starts, turns and finishes

  • Master lane etiquett

  • Improve both strength and endurence in the water

  • Preparation for competitive swimming

Know your kids level? Find out what lesson times there are available for your child!

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